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I am still looking for that one thing I can make a thousand of, that will sell like hotcakes at a Christmas Craft Show. If I can make ... SOMETHING ... that everyone will line up to buy, and I can make $10 or $12 profit on each one, I'd be grinning from ear to ear!

The yard wind spinners sell well, but that is a lot of welding, cutting, etc. Garden gnomes are now popular. If you can draw unique characters that amuse people, they will buy them. If only I could convince EVERYONE that they absolutely MUST OWN one of my (insert amazing gimmicky thing here).

Do you remember the last time someone actually found that magic formula? It was the PET ROCK! The guy was a GENIUS! It wasn't the rock that people were buying. It was the novelty of having a "pet" that required absolutely no care, no feeding, no walking, no vet bills, no licensing, and no attention whatsoever. The little booklet that came with every rock was great. It had two photos .. "A healthy rock" and "A sick rock." Of course they were the same photo, but people went for the Pet Rock in a BIG way!


1 - 3 of 30 Posts