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...In East Texas its been 98-103 F with a heaping of high humidity. My un-insulated garage shop is an oven ready to cook me so I've stayed far away.
We've had a pretty mild summer so far here in the High Desert of So. Cal. Been in the mid-90s, but we don't have humidity. Have AC in my shop, and I insulated the heck out of the ceiling and the whole thing has a layer of heat reflecting Radiant Barrier between walls and insulation. It makes all the difference. My dust collection is in a sealed chamber so the cool air recirculates back into the shop. That helps keep it cool.

I've had some health issues, but have been out making some picture frames for my artist-sweetie.She came up with a bunch of interesting old pictures the other day, so maybe I'll make some frames for them and send them as gifts to family in the pictures. I also found a stash of negatives taken by my mom and dad (both gone now), and I can take some digital pictures of them on a light box, the print them. There are a few of us who would love to see things like their wedding picture from the 1920s.
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