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A safe and funfilled Fourth of July to all.
I'm in the process of remodeling the home my wife and I built 15 yrs ago.
One of the items we are doing is the stairs to the 2nd level. I want to go with the open faced design in Oak.
I saw one of the Router workshops on TV back a few months. I want to make the jig and I found the episode. It indicates no drawings available.
Is it possibel to get drawings or how I design one, based on the what I saw on TV

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I was sure the Step jig was one you could get on the e-mail downloads or videos BUT I guess not, You may want to ask Bob & Rick to post it on the tips from Bob & Rick they may post it.
I do have both jigs (Closed and Open) on DVD's but I can't give you a copy because they have COPY RIGHTS on them...
They are both great jigs, the open one is a easy one to make with a framing Sq. and some sticks and router bit.
Send Rick a e-mail or PM him in the forum,he is a nice guy, he just may post it for you.
I'm just trying to make some points by saying NICE GUY, hahahahahaha :).
Al kidding aside he just may do it.

Good Luck, have A good 4th.. :)

E-mail plans below


Real Tips from Bob & Rick

Bj :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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