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Orbital sander the way to go

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I tried the orbital sander also yesterday I pick it up from the Grizzly trip. I bought there brand because it was a whole lot cheaper and I never owned one so I did want the bigger price tag. Well I'm very impressed with it sanded down some wood and found there is a lot less sanding with it compared to my detail and pad sanders I'm :sold: on that. Next will be a belt sander that will be down the road some day. :D
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What do you mean by an orbital sander ?.

I to have one, different brand - same concept, that works great for me. Mine is a random orbital. I have found that it takes stock off more aggressively than a detail sander. I typically work in the low grit papers with the orbital and then work to the palm sander for the higher grits.

Orbital Sander-moves in a circular motion, think grinder of the sanding world. Commonly found in 5" or 6" diameter. Also available, Random Orbital Sander. Moves in a random circular pattern.
Good idea Robby it didn't cross my mind what little of there is to cross. I'll use the orbital for the heavy sanding and then go to the detail sander with the higher grit paper. Thanks
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