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This clock is a motor driven remontoir clock with a balance pendulum. It was designed by Clayton Boyer. I purchased his plan for the clock last Christmas. He was able to provide a couple of emails that pushed me the right direction, a big help. At this point it doesn't keep very good time but I enjoy looking and listening to it. For those who like to jump ahead you can see a short YouTube video here:
The frame, dial ring, and pendulum are cherry. Those darker pieces are some Brazilian hardwood from a chair I'm re purposing. The gears etc are Baltic birch PW.

Thanks for looking. Stay safe.

Here are some of the plans. I made a copy to start because most are cut and pasted onto the stock.
Wood Design Table Pattern Plywood

Layout out drawings, taping them into groups and cutting the frame.
Text Stationery Design Paper Bookmark

Cutting gears.
Wood woodworking Tool accessory Machine tool Cutting tool

Balancing gears
Carving Wood Gear Bicycle part

Drilled an number of arbor holes. This was the first, you can see I'm off the mark. I changed to making a starter with an awl before attempting to drill and that helped.

Text Font Logo Graphics Circle

For part of the pendulum and the dial ring sections had to be cut and glued together.

Font Wood Games Wood stain

This cannon or pinion gear was tough. It's 1/2" stock and about 1" diameter. The arbor drilling need to be different sizes on each side and it had this little locking screw too.

Beige Fashion accessory Rectangle

Horizontal boring.

Wood Material property Plywood Paper

This is the part that holds the motor and battery.
Wood Clamp Machine tool Tool accessory Tool

Mostly laid out before assembly.
Font Fashion accessory Wood Games

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that is soooo cool! You did a great job on it. I wish you hadn't shown me that and the video.... making one or at least trying to build one will be gnawing at me until I do.

I went to Clayton Boyer's site and found a table top version that I fell in love with.

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Wow, what a neat project, looks challenging in a lot of ways. I almost hope I don't get the itch to make a least not until my skills improve a lot. Cutting the gears and all those curved pieces makes my head o_O🤯.

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This is something I'll just admire that others can do. I may have had the patience back when I was younger but didn't have the time but now that I have the time I haven't the patience. But I give praise to those who can...
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