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Origin problems

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Hello, My CNC changes origin after job completions…… how can that be corrected
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Welcome to the forum! We'll need a little more info; what CNC do you have, what controller software, etc. Are you talking about the XY datum origin point or does Z change after the job completes? Photos always help.
Welcome to the forum.
More information that you can supply, the better we are able to help.
David has asked some relevant questions.
Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for the reply. The cnc uses LNC software and it’s a Chinese blue elephant brand. The xy datum changes after after a job is completed. When a job is completed it lands at the set xy for that job but if you move the the spindle away from table to take out the completed job, on pressing the “back to reference position” it move away from the set origin.
Does anyone know the password for level 5 in lnc mw2000
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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