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OUCH! Bitten by the bad switch gremlin!

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My 1617EVS just showed me what the intermittent bad switch problem looks like. My hardly-used 1617 might be taking a trip to warranty repair land. I think this is a real shame because it's a $4.10 part and I could probably change it in what... about 10 or 15 minutes? But if I take that motor housing cover off I void the warranty.
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How old is your router? Also, what's wrong with the switch? Won't turn on or off?
I just bought it in November. I'm making all the wood trim for my bathroom remodel so it's really going to set me back to be without it. (I have mobility issues so I can only work on the bathroom for like an hour or hour and a half at a time... then I have to be off my feet for about 3 hours)

The symptoms are...
I turn the router off (and unplug it), set up for next pass, turn switch on..... nothing... flip it on and off a few times... nothing. Take router out of table and turn switch on.... runs. Set it back in table ... nothing... turn it on and off a few times and then it starts.

In researching this, apparently the switch gets dust in it and the contacts won't make.

One guy fixed his after THREE switch simply sealing the switch with silicone before installing it. On one occasion he got it out of the shop, turned it on... same problem and it had to go BACK to the shop for yet another switch replacement.

I've been told that if I change this switch myself while it's still under warranty that I'll void the warranty. So... to the repair shop it will go. AFTER I get my wood trim done. I may install a switch on the table so I'm not using teh router's switch to turn it on and off. At least till I finish this project.
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Yes, you will void the warrenty, however, if you still have a warrenty, then it's best to take it to the shop make let them fix it. If memory serves correctly, after a certain number of times of fixing the same problem over an over, request for a simple replacement tool not the part. If they wish to keep you as a customer they'll replace it. If they wish to give you a hassle, ask to speak with a manager, or contact the manufacturer.
Since I don't have one of those router table switches, what I do before I turn off my router in the router table is use my shop vac to suck up all the sawdust that lands on the switch. That way nothing falls inside the router when I turn off the power. Hopefully our tips can help you out. Good luck!
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