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New table saw fence (Part 3)

Hi there router Fraternity

Well you may be aware of my rather long-winded description of fitting a new fence system (part 1) and subsequent out-feed table (part 2) and that’s the part where I thought I was finished, but after these efforts I had to spend a couple of days cleaning my workshop. Now I’m particularly meticulous in the cleaning process and as I stood there admiring my cleaning results, my wife appeared next to me. Shame you’re going to mess it up again she offered, yes thank you dear, I replied. You know what you should do she asked, no but I know you’re going to tell me, I thought. You should do all your dirty work out here, she carried on over my thoughts. Well you have a covered car port, so do all your sanding etc out here, that’s what causes the most dust. I told her not to be ridiculous as being a woman she doesn’t know about man things and workshops etc. After she ripped me a new opening and left I got started on my new outdoor sanding bench.

Now I had removed an old table to make way for the out-feed table, but there wasn’t room for it and the car, so what you see in the photos is the solution.

Now the reason I am in this predicament is I never got around to installing the latest extract system that pulls every micron of foreign bodies out of the atmosphere, mainly due to lack of funds, no my extract system consists mainly of my nose hair, throat and my lungs, along with about half a dozen vacuums dotted around the workshop.

My drive isn’t too long or wide so decided to wall mount it. I removed the legs and I had old gate hinges from my drive gate installation. I used two of the legs for drop down support’s that swing down on lowering of the table top and lock into place with a couple of slip bolts. Won’t go into installation details as the photos really explain everything.

I brought my good wife out to inspect the results of my endeavours to which she added, quote, I don't want to see anything as noticeable or overbearing on my drive, not being able to stop myself, my reply resulted in a second new opening. After she left I gave it a coat of wall matching paint.

I now found myself standing on my drive trying to be non-noticeable, I thought about the logistics of utilizing said table and decided that there was no point in having a sanding table if the utilities were not at hand, so as you see I installed a 240v and 110v socket as my tools are both voltages.
I first went to B&Q for the 240v one and they were priced at £45. Next stop Amazon next day delivery £15. Could not believe it with a RCD. The 110v one was £8 from Screwfix. I didn’t bother with RCD for the latter as the maximum volts you receive is 55v as my transformers are twin coiled. Both sockets have isolators in the workshop.

Just thought I would share as it might give someone an idea of the same ilk as I know that in many cases workshops can be cramped and sanding etc makes a lot of mess, and we are always looking for space savers.




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