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Outdoor Finish

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Can anyone tell me if they've found a good outdoor finish.
I've read to use spar varnish, but I've also read to NEVER use spar varnish.
I want something to put on good outdoor furniture that hopefully I won't have to redo every year.
What works and what doesn't?
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go to a store that mixes its own oil based colors and buy the base they use for their darkest outdoor paint.i have used almost everything for exterior finishes and nothing lasts more than two years most one year or less. this my third year with the clear base,so far still looks fine.
good luck
So, Jerry, do you paint or stain the wood and then put a coat or two of that clear base over top?

Since no one except Jerry (thanks Jerry) has replied, can I assume there is not really any good outdoor finish which holds up?

Julie~ I have tried every kind of finish out doors, I only one I find that will last a few years is the oil base stain ,I used it on the side of my house fore years ago and it still looks pritty good. Thay sell many diffirent kinds and colors. But remember the darker the color the more uv protection you have.As far as polys go thay bite the dust in a year or two .I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.But it really hard to get things to last out doors in the sun. Thank you much,,Learning Herb
This is interesting reading:

Sorry I don't have more time to answer but I would have more questions then answers for you anyway..... so read then see if you have more questions.....

Julie, boats get about the worst exposure to the elements. Marine spar varnish works the best in many areas. UV inhibiters help to slow down the degredation. My suggestion is to contact professional shops in your area and ask their advice. You might also consider contacting the company whose products you intend to use and follow their recommendations. Most will have web sites and be happy to respond. Finally if your project is intended for outside use then teak or much less expensive cedar are naturally resistant to weathering, require no finish and look good for many years. One other thing, fasteners react to the wood they are installed in. The best reference I have found is the McFeely's cataolg. They explain the interaction and recommend the right fastener for the job.
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