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Overarm Router Rebuild

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Hi all, as per my introduction I'm rebuilding a Woodman PT-220 Pneumatic Overarm Pin Router fabricated in 1989.
It's mostly complete but I'm stripping it as far as I can go to familiarise myself with it and check all components.
Beariing in mind that parts for this thing are practically non existent I'm working on tracking down consumables before I need them.
I've removed the motor, motor base and machine head and now have access to the drive belt, pneumatic ram and spindle.
I'm looking for a supplier for replacement drive belts, preferably in Australia, preferably in Brisbane.
It appears to be nylon, green outside, yellow inside, 1000mm circumference, 29.5 mm wide, 2 mm 3ply thick.
It has a moulded 5mm plastic strip on one edge of the green side that protects the belt against wear when the spindle lifts.
Any help is appreciated.
Cheers, -S.
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