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Hi all,
I design and fabricate various pieces of furniture and fittings in my home workshop.
I've been chasing a decent table router setup here is Australia for a while but since the world closed down even the waiting lists have waiting lists.
Then I found a retired Pneumatic Overarm Pin Router on Marketplace. The Woodman PT-220 appears to be the Australian release of the JET POR-22 with a few minor differences.
I know a lot more about Overarm Routers now than I did two weeks ago but there still isn't a lot of information out there about this model.
It needs a service and a bit of a refurb - all of the pneumatic lines are missing but otherwise everything is intact.
I am chasing any tips, tricks or advice on where to find spares for my beautiful pin router.
Looking forward to spending lots more time in the workshop playing with my Woody...
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This looks like it could be a fun journey. Welcome to the forum.
What does it do?? I've not come across one before.
And where in Aus are you? I'm in NSW.
What does it do?? I've not come across one before.
And where in Aus are you? I'm in NSW.
We're in Brisbane.
This was the state of the art for repeatable routed fabrication before CNC routers became ubiquitous.
The router spindle drops from overhead to preset depths via a pneumatic ram.
A guide pin underneath the table (normally in place) is used to locate templates attached to the underside of the workpiece.
There is an adjustable fence for edge profiling and the table tilts for serious scary stuff.
Here is an excellent explanation and demonstration of two different models - mine is very similar to the JET.
Texas Toast Guitars Pinrouters
Welcome to the forum.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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