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I've had my CNC Machine set up for a few weeks now, and designed a few things in V-Carve.
I'm getting pretty good at picking feed rates, router speeds, and learning my way around the different bits to use.
Now here's the issue. Normally, for the top of a table etc, I would not just use a single board,
but I might surround a board with a 2 inch boarder of wood with the grain running in the opposite direction.
That way, you can hide the end grain of the board, and it doesn't cup, etc....

Do you ever do anything like this with boards for cnc projects, or am I over thinking?

Thanks for your help.
- Ron
I would always complete the project manually after CNC machining using traditional woodworking methods.

CNC router ALONE is OK only if you use are using plywood, MDF, or plastic or metal sheets.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts