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Paint or Poly?

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Hello everyone,

I was just getting deep thoughts and was thinking about what I should finish the wood of my router table with. I'm still trying to decide if I should paint the table or put 3 coats of poly on it. Hmmm... I figure maybe I should ask the helpful folks here at the Well, what do you think? Paint it or poly it? If paint, what color? Please don't say pink or red! :D :D :D I'm not in a rush to do this next project but sometime in the future. Thanks! Have fun and be safe! God Bless!



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pink and red! :p lol Sry i just had to do that. I would suggest that you go for the poly. Thats just my vote. :)
Me? I'd probably paint it Orange with Black trim.... obvious choice.. can't you tell?
Hi: I just finished the bottom section of my router table with 3 coats of water based poly. I have the Oak Park table but I build a cabinet under it. I used the poly because it allowed me to put 3 coats on in the same day, and if it gets dinged it's
easy to fix . Woodnut65
Boricua, perhaps you may want to finish your router table to compliment your table saw or other shop equipment? For a more uniform look? Keep in mind that Minwax makes colored stains. No reason to hide the wood grain. Perhaps you are looking to try out a different type of finish such as milk paint? Just some thoughts. Nice job on the table.
Thanks for your replies everyone. It was fun and interesting reading some of your answers. Of course I chuckled reading some of the funny ones. :D :D :D I think I'll go with the pink and red like Kevin said, no just kidding (of course)! :D :D :D Well, I'll keep my thinking cap on and go from there. Have fun guys! Later...

aniceone2hold said:
Nice job on the table.

Boricua :cool:
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