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Hello everyone. I’m trying to finish a game board made of aspen. I need to number about sixty blocks 1-10. Each block, so far, has been sanded and coated with two coats of min wax “warm gloss” polyurethane.
I purchased a few colored acrylic hobby paints and also have spray paint and a stencil to try to paint these numbers. So far they bleed into the grain and under the stencil pretty bad. Ideally they would have been routed/carved/cncd but I’m sticking with the paint for now. Any tips?
I’ve tried taping and even clamping the stencil to the project to create a tight fit but the bleed still occurs. I’ve also tried using “mod podge” which is a crafting glue type substance to create a seal under the paint and it still looks kind of rough after.
Sorry if this is more of a crafting/hobby type question but I figured someone might know of a sealer or better method to pull this off.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts