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You might have better luck using large numbers on rubber stamps. Don't over ink them or use excessive paint. Start here: Large Rubber Numbers Stamp Set Diary Stamp 10pcs - Etsy

Another option would be to spray a temporary adhesive on the back side of the stencil so it sticks tight to the block. Removable spray adhesive by Scotch is one product that works well. The idea is to seal the edges of the stencil to the block so the paint can't seep under it. It's capilary acton that sucks the paint under the stencil. The adhesive may stop the seepage. Worth a try, you can get the removable adhesive spray cans for the big box stores. May need refreshing. Also, consider spraying the top and underside of the stencil with a clear sealer so your paint doesn't soak through.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts