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Panel Doors

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What brand of raised panel bits would u recomend for sharpness and longivity....Thanks....Tom
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Hi Altas 2556

I recommend
List at 264.oo On sale for 120.oo bucks
for 150.oo bucks ,the best thing about this set is the "1 1/4” diameter bearing"

It includes a backcutter, which allows machining of the front and back of the panel in the same pass, giving you exactly the thickness you need for the panel to fit exactly in the stile and rails.
An additional 1 1/4” diameter bearing is included to allow you to make two separate passes when doing arched raised panel work.

Plus you can get the FREE VHS tape or a DVD cd,how to use the set. :)
And Free shipping on most of the items.

Bj :)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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