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Panel -LOC

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Are you having trouble holding panels down, while cutting them? Look at the above link to solve the problem.
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I went to the site and all i saw was a Rockler sales ad.

Trap looks like it would work well. You wouldn't have to worry about putting pressure and you would have more control of the panel that you are routing. Thanks for the link. :D
I have a panel-loc that i don't use. I guess I expected some different way to use it. This isn't the first mistake Ive made.


Received the panel loc yesterday. Installed it on my Craftsman Professional. Went to Lowes and bought 3 1/4 ich commode bowel bolts. Now it is easy to install and remove.
It is a heck of a lot better, when using, to cut panels.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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