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Horizontally held routers are inherently the most efficient dust distribution tools in your workshop! Not only is dust thrown tangentially from the bit, but the router cooling fan pushes a plume of dust and chips forward six to eight feet.

We recognized this as a major drawback years ago and endeavored to create a dust collection hood that would redirect the cooling air so we could collect the dust and chips from the bit. Two years later we had a utility patent on our dust collection hood, made a mold and started including them with the PantoRouter. The downside is it can only accommodate the Porter Cable 8902 router and only in a specific orientation. We just fixed that!

We re-engineered the dust hood making it open for two-wrench or single-wrench bit changes and now more router models are possible with the PantoRouter. Dust collection efficiency is the same as before with well over 95% of chips collected and closer to 100% of the fine dust sucked into your shop vac. It's really a pleasure to use and it's now Made in USA. In fact, our whole dust collection system is made in USA, including the hose, fittings and brush.

Happy PantoRouting!

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