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Pantry cabinet

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Here is my latest build. Should have taken a picture before I installed. This is laundry room adjacent to the kitchen. Needed extra storage space.


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Nice clean lines. It looks good.
Guess I am the first to admit, it is VERY hard to see.
Yep, you are correct, a before picture would have been good. But it's all good. As long as it serves its purpose, and you feel good it was not ANOTHER store bought item. That's the way I always feel at least.
Good job.
Nice and handy. Lots of storage space in just the right spot.
Looks good, Gary, never have enough storage space. Looks like you put it to good use. Now time to build another.
I usually take a lot of pictures when building and that the only picture. Thanks all for your kind comments. Brian your right the cabinet it replaced was Ikea style piece. It woke me a
few months ago when shelves fell apart and lay on the floor in that area .
I used the Lowes glued up pine panels 16 " x 6 ' x 3/4 ". I cut the side panels down 14 " x 6 ' x 3/4 ". The shelves are 22 1/2 " cut from same pine panels down to 14 " wide inside dimension, making the cabinet width 24 ". Solid wood construction with 1/2 plywood drawers with 3/4 " thick false fronts with beveled edges.
Never met anyone that said they had all the storage they needed......looks good.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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