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Pantry Conversion

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Our house was built in about 1972, and the pantry was just a narrow broom closet. Previous owners had installed Closet Maid shelving, and a rack of sorts that was mounted to the door. Every time you'd need something it was always way in the back. So, while I was removing the "History of Linoleum Flooring" from the kitchen (5 layers, one for each decade), and replacing the floors with solid maple T&G, I managed to squirrel away enough for this project. I have inherited the hoarding genes from both my Mom and Dad, so almost all of the project's materials were either free or remnants from previous projects.

I envisioned the removal of the bulk of the wall front, and creating a full extension set of deep drawers, with the fronts made of the squirreled maple floor pieces. In the flooring project I managed to get the deal of the century. Google is your friend - I was looking for walnut stair bullnose, and a sidebar ad came up for Brazilian Walnut bullnose from Buy Floors Direct. Usually it was $10.95 per foot, but the ad said $0.15/foot. I order 3x6 foot long pieces, but someone in Gulf Shores can't count, and they sent me 3. I called and tried to return the extra, but, they said keep it. The drawer slides were about $100 for 10 sets, 100 pound capacity x 22 full extension. Drawer boxes are made of 1/2" plywood bottoms, and 3/4" plywood boxes, with the 3/4" T&G on the faces. I am pretty sure we have exceeded the weight limits of the lower drawers. With this pandemic, even my wife has begun to hoard commodities, and the pantry serves that function quite well.

Brown Wood Rectangle Flooring Floor
Rectangle Wood Brick Flooring Beige

The lowest drawer is for thin serving platters, the next is designed to fit an 18" tall dog food bin, and all the bags, rolls of aluminum foils, etc.

Notice I created bread box cutouts for the side, to make reaching the higher drawers a bit easier. They are too high up, and even I have to use a stool to reach inside. But everything that was in the pantry before fits in the first 3 drawers.

I turned the round mahogany handles, and used salvaged stainless steel tubing for the spacers with 5/16" diameter bolts into threaded inserts in the Mahogany. Mahogany was free from a millwork company scraps in Nashville, TN.

Wood Wood stain Flooring Hardwood Varnish

The Braz. Walnut was ideal - because as an old fart carrying laundry to the basement, I could envision not being able to see the edges of the next step.
Stairs Fixture Door Wood Flooring
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Very nicely done.
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