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Parts for Planer SA380E

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Clive here from Perth in Western Australia. I have a 15" Auto Planer purchased in Perth in 1994 (we call it a thicknesser), it has no brand name but carries a sticker advising it was manufactured in Taiwan.

A search of the web reveals that in the US it is sold as a "Planer SA 380 E. Further searching for the name of the retailer and for suppliers of spare parts has been unsuccessful.

The Table below lists the parts I need.

Code Parts No. Description Quantity

0070 300110 Sprocket 14 tooth 1
0071 991743 Flat washer 1
0072 990131 Hex head screw 1
0093 300111 Chain 1

The attached photograph shows the shattered 14 tooth sprocket with 15mm hub.

If someone knows of a company that can supply these parts please let me know.




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Welcome Clive aka N/A...

the sprocket and chain would be available at most any mechanical gear supply house here in the US......
perhaps you have one available to you down there..
the washer and hex from anyplace that sells nuts and bolts...
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Sometimes listed as power transmission supply stores. Drive belts, drive chain, bearings, pulleys, sprockets, etc. I think I have the same planer labeled as a King Canada. It was also sold as a Delta, Jet, and others. The real manufacturer is in Taiwan.
And, if you can't find a replacement, it looks like a very simple gear a machine shop could make. Probably not cheap but likely cheaper than a new planer, er thicknesser.
Hi Clive

Hare and Forbes ( do a lot of those generic machines, if you haven't already, it might be worth talking to them to see see if they had that particular machine.

They didn't even raise an eyebrow when I ordered parts for a 15yo milling machine so they seem to maintain parts supply for a reasonable length of time (the parts were in stock).

I see they have a branch Kewdale.

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