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I was really feeling frustrated by the wooden gear clock I've been working on so I thought I try one of these amplifiers. There are hundreds of examples on Youtube. I took my inspiration from one that looked easy. (I'd give credit to the designer but I didn't note it at the time and I've been unable to find it again?) I'm not sure what the wood is, except for the maple highlight. I went through my stash recently and found these items which I could neither identify nor remember where they came from. The finish is just Watco Danish Oil (natural) although the sound channel has a couple of coats of shellac. My hearing is very bad but to me there a marked improved when playing music through it.

Here's a link to a 20 second video so you can hear the difference.

Thanks for looking.


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Neat idea and design, well done, Berry! I did one not long ago - they're fun to do and result in a pretty good increase in sound.

The video would be better if shot widescreen, though. We can't see the whole thing in the video when you shoot portrait video.

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