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Patern repair?

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I have a pattern made out of 1/4" flooring underlay that I using with a flush trim bit and it has a small divit in one spot. What would be the best way to fill this in.
Thanks Bob
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Is this an important pattern that you use often?

If so to repair it then a 2 part epoxie is great to fill problem areas. There are many kinds on the market...I like the ones with a fairly quick drying time.

Next something to think about is: I would make your design pattern and use it as the master pattern. This pattern is used only to make your production patterns. If the production pattern gets damaged, make another pattern from the master pattern. This is easier than trying to patch your patterns once they have been damaged.
Hi Bob

You can give this a try it may work. :) but then again it may not work for the pattern made out of 1/4" flooring underlay ...

Bj :)
Hey bob, welcome to the forums, just going to quickly re-locate this thread to the pattern discussion forum.
Bondo- Bondo- Bondo. Works fast, sands easy. Get this template fixed and then make a new 'master'.

I've used bondo in a lot of different applications in the shop, and have found it a great tool.
Hi Doug

That's funny not funny hahahahahaha but just funny, it makes me recall my son :)

He stopped by one day and if he could make a speaker box (he works for Car Toys by the way) and I said sure, do you want some help and he said no I make them all the time and I said OK can I watch he said sure why not.

He got my router out and the stock he had with him, he set up the saw horses and got it all setup to put in the holes for the speakers, he got one hole done and then did the next and then I heard him say DAM and I what ?, O I cut one to big and it's not round and I why didn't you use the jig I have to cut them out and he said O I don't need one I do it free hand all the time.

Then he said do you have some Bondo and I said yes what do you want to use it for and he said I'm going to fix the hole and I said ok can't wait to see this one.

He got some cardboard and some tape and put about 5lbs. of Bondo around the hole that he screwed up.
And I said this going to get better so I just watched, he said can I use a router bit and said NO not on the junk,,, he said OK I have one in my truck I use all the time at the shop for Car-Toys and I said great, I will just seat here and watch... :)
I said do you want to make a jig to redo that and he said I will just do it free hand and I said OK this is getting better yet and you got it he got some Bondo and put on 2 more lbs.on it and did it one more time, well we are 2 or 3 hours into cutting a hole in some plywood, but it got it done with about 7lbs. of Bondo and that Bondo dust all over the shop... :( and one dead router bit and my router full of Bondo dust.

Just thought you would enjoy a little note about BONDO :)

Bj :)
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BJ, Bondo works great when used properly. As a body filler or cement patch its great. No reason why not to use it for a hidden repair on wood. The plastic shouldn't dull a bit any more than wood. Many wood repair products are epoxy and the main difference is the price.
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