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I didn't know my PC 5182 was so obsolete. Guess I'm showing my age (60). The last time I had it in for service in the 1980s, the variable speed control, for lack of a proper term, was burned out. The guy at the service center said it was ridiculous for PC to have put the electronic speed controller in a 3-1/4 hp router. He told me I had two options: make it a single speed (which I did) or replace the electronic controller with a mechanical one (I think I remember this right) For the money, I opted to make it a single speed. Now I wish I had chosen the mechanical speed control. I can't use the larger diameter bits that were just becoming available then. He also upgraded the collet so that it would hold the bit (I've read complaints here about the bits moving on some of the posts I found on the 5182). I thought I had a solution when I saw inline router speed controllers, but then they say not for soft start routers. I've looked in the classified and don't see another one avaialble for parts. So my question is, does anyone know of any solutions for making it a variable speed? Can I disable the soft start so I can use the inline speed control?
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