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Hi Norm

" I had two "repaired" just now "
If they did by pass the soft start device and they are running at full speed you can use the speed control box below.

Router Speed Control

You can get the 20 amp. model but it's not needed,the HF 15 amp.will do the job I use one on my 7538.


Hi Loren,

Another old geezer here (63) trying to use his 5182. I'm new to forum and want to keep these oldies going (one active and two backups) . They may be "obsolete" but the new ones are no match for my work. I haven't found any good answer to your question but may have missed it due to inexperience.

Diabling soft start sounds like a good thought. Have you had any luck this or other?

Years ago I found a "Powerstat" variable transformer did the trick for smaller routers - but the current upgrade for a 3.25 HP 5182 seems to be a "Variac" of about $950. Way too much for my budget. But the cheaper ones I find all warn against "soft start."

I've been able to limp along by just leaving setting at 10000 RPM but even that stopped working. I had two "repaired" just now, but they didn't tell me until afterwards that PC told repairman the only way to rewire would be for full speed. I use long bits in soft material so don't want the high speed here.

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