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PC 690 Info

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I own a PC 690 router and wish to build some jigs that utilize the fence guide, however I have tried to determine the thread size and number of TPI for the screws that secure the bars in the base. I have done this by trail and error in the hardware store without success. I e-mailed Delta/PC help desk who responded that they didn't have access to this engineering data on there equipment. I have tried imperial size screws and metric size screws non of which have fitted as the should, I'm reluctant to drill and tap to my own specs.
Does anyone have this info including the bar size or is all propriety (PC own size).
Thanks in advance
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It is a 12-24 NC, part no.803160 edge guide screw. We are talking the std. base right? It has been a while but I think the screws came with the edge guide when I bought it.

Any way check the hardware section for these, it is not a "common size" so you might have to seach a bit, maybe in those pull out drawers.

The rods in my PC edge guide measure between .280 and .285.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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