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PC 8529 Height Adjustment

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I bought a PC 8529 plunge router about a year ago because I needed to
use 1/2 inch bits for pattern cutting work (they were also on sale for
$100). At the time, I planned to use it almost exclusively in a router
table once I built an upgraded cabinet/table. Anyway, yesterday was
the first time I ever tried to set a precision depth on it. I went
back and read the manual a few times, but I must be missing something!
It seems you can only adjust the height with the control knob when the
plunge mechanism is released. Can this be correct??? So, I was trying
to turn the knob with one hand, and fighting the plunge springs with
the other. This is almost impossible. I know there must be an easier
way to do this, but I am lost. If anybody has any tips on this model,
please let me know. I also just ordered the Above Table height
adjuster for using this router in a table. Maybe this will do the
trick, but I have my doubts after yesterday.

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