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I already own this and seem to use it a bit often. It seems to carry itself well as I compare to others.
I do have the Grizzly G1014Z (a little larger unit) and this one seems to compare well - just smaller and a little less power.
I once had a craftsman 6X48 w/9" disc and this was not a good purchase at the time. Very under powered. One of the times we were moving, it fell over and broke the casting. Great opportunity to buy the Grizzly!
We move around a bit as it comes with the job, and did not bring any tools with me when I moved this time here so I bought several so I can keep busy outside of work. Now I have a lot of duplicates, triplicates.... as most of the tools are at our REAL home.

Anyway - I was sharing manuals to the tools I have that I do not see on the forum.
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