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perpetual calendar

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This was made from 1/8 hardboard, grey and black
all cuts and engraving was done with a 100 watt co2 laser
total machine time was 38 min
A functional thing...........................

a picture 14 x4 could also be put in instead of the saying

in my rush to get the pictures taken I set the template wrong,
I made dec with only 30 days,
goes to show its flexible, see the new posed photos
the wood one was a cnc router run on 1/4 birch


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Am I missing something here? December 1st this year WAS on a Friday so how does this calendar work for 31 day months beginning on Friday or Saturday? Do you have a set of blanking plates to block up the last few holes for, say, a Februrary that begins on a Thursday? It doesn't look very 'universal' as it stands.

not universal...its back to the drawing board to find out what happend
perpetual calendar fix

I did miss 2 days, but you still have to know what months have 30 days, also I need to not trust what you see on the net
should have verified it before the work, but its fixed now and I used a picture instead of a saying


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Great work Stan, looks good.
maybe you could add one more mod by putting the number of days in the month under the names (February rears it's ugly head again)? I never could remember that rhyme...

Thirty days hath September,
August, March and October,

No, hang on!
Making 2 fists yields 31 days each knuckle and however many days in between if that helps
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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