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Give some consideration to the Triton TRA001. I have it in my table and really like it. It has a built in lift, is 3.1/4 hp, has some very nice safety locks. It is a bit heavy for me to handle freehand, which is why I kept my previous 1617s, which worked fine in the table, but was a bit hesitant with large door making bits.

Harry Sinclair on here turned me on to the Triton, and I'm very glad he did.

I also suggest that you take some time and look through all the Marc Sommerfeld videos on YouTube. He uses his own products, but isn't heavy handed about it. What's great is he was a commercial cabinet maker before he started SommerfeldTool, and watching how he works is an education in practical router use. He uses the Triton, so you get a sense of how well it works.

Both Sommerfeld and Freud now make matched bit sets, which means the shanks are exactly the same height, so when you set up the first bit in a door making set, the rest fall in line with no further adjustment. His company also makes EasySet jigs that account for the exact thickness of the wood you're using, which is great. The pix show the jigs, yellow for Sommerfeld, red for Freud. I have his bit sets, but I know the Freud are just as good.

I've also posted a link to his first part of making doors on YouTube.
I like these so much I bought the whole set of his videos, even though they are also on YouTube.

I'm recommending the Triton because you are going to be making a LOT of footage of the same parts, and having a strong router, good fence, good technique will all make your projects more consistent and easier to do.


1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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