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Phenolic Color

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Hi Guys,

Just a quick question regarding phenolic. I live on the East coast of the US and the phenolic I have here (top grade) is a brownish/reddish color. I see the ones used on the RWS are black. I had thought them to be bakelite, but Bob keeps calling it "phenolic". Does phenolic come in different colors and if so, does it indicate strength?
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Hi JoeZ

This may help

Plus,find product , it will popup many types of phenolic
type in Phenolic on the web site below

Bj :)


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Thanks Bob,
The website gave me the answer and I guess that my age is showing here. Phenolic was marketed under the name "Bakelite" and I remember using the stuff, in my electronics career, as an insulating material. So I guess Bob R and I are both right in the terminology.
You'er Welcome JoeZ

Great web sites for looking up info that you I need all the time anymore :)

Too much to store in the hat rack :) :), I keep getting a error message from my small pee brain, over FULL ,over Full , replace :) :) LOL LOL

Bj :)
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