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Hi There

I'm looking to install a Dust Collecting system in my shop
I Have a Ridgid Vaccum (with 2.5 In hose) and a Cyclone connected to a Bucket
Can I use Central Vacuum pipe (2.0 out. dia) to run it around the shop and have many 'drop' for the different tools......Will it be OK, or too small
I have a lot of extr pipe, and looking to use it
Another option......Can I use the FLEXIBLE 2.5 hose to run around.,....or, will it collapse?
Last ABS 2 in would be ok??
When using Vacuum, 2.5" hose is good enough.
But most wood working Dust collection systems would use high volume air flow FAN rather than vacuum to move dust and wood chips.
So for longer term, it would be better to use at least 4" diameter pipes for central dust collection.

Until then, it is easier to just use 2.5" hose from ShopVac,
1 - 1 of 5 Posts