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After purchasing my planer 'bout a yr ago, I've been considering on what type of stand/table to mount it to. I decided to the lazy route. I've mounted mine to a Ridgid miter saw stand. It's simple and easy to move around and store out of the way. If space is an important issue with you as it is with me, you may consider this option.
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ShopNotes has an excellent plan for a planer stand. I intend to build one this winter and my planer ended up on a Shop Fox tool stand for the time being.
Dont forget about the weight of the planer. My work area is prety small, so most stands or fixtures need to be multi-purpose. I recently got a planer and built a rolling stand for it and my miter saw. With the ability to lock one on the top while the other is stored underneath. But the "portable" planer is so darned heavy, it stays on top and the saw usually gets placed on sawhorses when needed.

I replaced my evaprotive cooler last year. But with all the experience I had with repairing the old one. I've had ideas of building a "flip" stand using a hardend steel swamp cooler axel and bearings.
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