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Planing with a Router

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I've lost it - Having no planer, I'm tired of using the belt sander for thickness planing, not to mention the swirling dust - I know I saw a jig or setup for floating a router over material for thickness planing but now I can't put my finger on it - anybody got a link or plans for that?
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Ok, Gilbear started this thread looking for a way to plane boards with a router. I saw a couple good posts on jigs for that purpose. Sanding devices were suggested as an alternative, and that is all good. This post drifted into a different topic and that makes for confusion. The sanding drums and belts, the jigs and such really belong in a different catagory. To avoid confusion lets all make an effort to be sure information is posted where it should be.
Angus, you are absolutly correct. There is a lot of confusion when old posts are pulled up and revived months or even years after they were posted. Perhaps a time limit should be applied to the life span of a post, at which point it should be locked. This is a subject for a different area and I will open a thread for discussion there.
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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