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Konnichiwa Benny San
Ogenki be gozaimasuka

Doko ni sunde imasu ka, watakushi wa Yokohama de sunde imashita.

Yokohama de, rooto 16 no, Kamakura chikaku ni, ooki na no DIY mise ga arimasu.
Ano tokoro de, takusan no iro-iro na woodo arimasu.
Ano hito o denki kanna to ooki na no nokogiri mote imase deskara, asoko de katara ano hito cato to pranning mo dekiru.
Asoko de takusan no Lawan kaimashita.


OK, I just gave Benny some directions to a DIY shop that has a huge selection of woods and they can also cut and plane it.

The habits in Poland are a little bit different that other countries.
Oak is the national tree here (you need permission to cut it).
I buy the Oak from the villagers and they have this 24" (600 mm) old German planer so I get it to my home already planed.

One M³ (one Cubic Yard) costs $300~400, the planing and shipping will add some $50 but I don't have to buy planer, I don't get all the dust and it's delivered directly to my garage door...

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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