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Planing with a Router

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I've lost it - Having no planer, I'm tired of using the belt sander for thickness planing, not to mention the swirling dust - I know I saw a jig or setup for floating a router over material for thickness planing but now I can't put my finger on it - anybody got a link or plans for that?
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I received my order yesterday, Monday... Got around to watching DVD today...
The DVD version is sure a lot easier to build than the paper plan!! I might do it that way with a guard that goes around the belt & motor a little better.

I called them... talked to the guy in the DVD...

I asked if he ever modified the coarser grits spacing so as not to take as much off in a pass... He said "Yes, all the time... I did it today, just raised the screws a little to just remove some saw marks from a piece."

I asked about changing the outfeed height vs the infeed to be more like a jointer...
He said "Cannot do it... you will always get snipe & you cannot get rid of it. He also said that once you get the feel of it, you will know just how fast to feed it to get a full even cut... He said he sanded a door feom 3/4" down to 1/4" at a Show and it stayed at uniform width the whole way through."

So, I'm not going to change infeed / outfeed... will keep it all flat as recommended.

I think I will also make the simple version as noted above... maybe with something on the bottom to anchor it to a top... I think I will also have a flat bottom and vacuum the sawdust occasionaly... Don't know yet... maybe I'll slant the bottom like they did.

At any rate, I don't think I can mess things up too bad...

I have some scrap formica that would give it a nice smooth top...

I'm thinking of doubling the top with 2 pcs of 3/4" ply to get 1 1/2" thick top like theirs.
The top appears, to me, to be the most important piece of the project... must be FLAT and SMOOTH.

I was also thinking of making a fence, clampable across the top, so edges could be sanded at a positive 90 degrees... or 45 degrees.

I got the Grizzly 1/2 H motor you mentioned... it's a little wider than the paper plans would allow... will modify to good coverage.

So far, I'm happy...

I've been fighting computer problems for the last few days (main reason I have not been around so much)... have to get that stuff all done so I can give a borrowed notebook back... :) :)

How do you like yours... so far... I see you changing back to a flat top... :)
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Hi Joe

"Flat top", it's always been a flat top but I did add the formica on the outfeed end 1/16".
"How do you like yours ?" ,great so far still playing with it ,tweak here tweak there but all in all it's OK.

I do play with computers so if I can help just let me know .
I'm always on the link below, under the user name of DEX

Let me know how it works out for you :)


I have been playing with the plans a bit,see below ▼
Still working on a hold down roller and maybe a power feed drive with gear box .
But then I may not need a power feed drive just push in and pull it out.:)

Bj :)


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Hey Joe

If I said Drum Sander you would say ???

Bj :)
Hi Bob...

Drum sander...

I got the kit, etc.
Studied and modified plans for my motor as well as making it better.
I'm going to make the clean & simple one like in the DVD.
I'm all ready to start cutting, etc. EXCEPT that other things have been interrupting me like:
1. Making room to use tools.
2. Getting sick.
3. Making room to use tools.
(My garage is a real mess... my neighbor, good friend, passed away in November... a lot of his stuff came to me & my already stuffed garage... really bad)
4. I keep telling myself to get with it... but there is no place to put stuff.
5. I have to decide what must go (thrown away) so as to make room for new stuff.
6. I need more room to put stuff.
7. I want to do it asap.

How are you doing with yours?
Getting the 'feel' of it?
Working good?
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HI Joe

1. great
2. yes
3. yes

Bj :)
its in a wood magazine but i cant remember what issue
This shot from my gallery shows a simple set of skis which has many uses as shown in a number of my posts.
Using a Router to plane a Board Face 15th April 07
Konnichiwa Benny San
Ogenki be gozaimasuka

Doko ni sunde imasu ka, watakushi wa Yokohama de sunde imashita.

Yokohama de, rooto 16 no, Kamakura chikaku ni, ooki na no DIY mise ga arimasu.
Ano tokoro de, takusan no iro-iro na woodo arimasu.
Ano hito o denki kanna to ooki na no nokogiri mote imase deskara, asoko de katara ano hito cato to pranning mo dekiru.
Asoko de takusan no Lawan kaimashita.


OK, I just gave Benny some directions to a DIY shop that has a huge selection of woods and they can also cut and plane it.

The habits in Poland are a little bit different that other countries.
Oak is the national tree here (you need permission to cut it).
I buy the Oak from the villagers and they have this 24" (600 mm) old German planer so I get it to my home already planed.

One M³ (one Cubic Yard) costs $300~400, the planing and shipping will add some $50 but I don't have to buy planer, I don't get all the dust and it's delivered directly to my garage door...

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But Niki that's cheating! (half you're luck, I'm envious)
Magazines as a resource

Thanks to the tips in this forum I was able to track down a router thicknessing jig in no time. I found 2 useful articles -- am linking below in case someone else needs them in the future.

First, the ShopNotes magazine, Vol 4 Issue 21 from 1995.

Second, Taunton's Fine Woodworking magazine, #222 from December of 2011.
Sometimes a picture is worth thousands of words! So I have attempted to attach both covers.

I have the whole article from FW scanned in -- 6 pages. I don't have the ShopNotes one. So... if you have the ShopNotes article or want the Fine Woodworking one, shoot me a PM. THANKS!



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Yikes, since I have not yet posted 10 articles to the boards I'm not able to respond to PM or send any private messages. So... instead of PM, just shoot me an email if you would like a copy of that Fine Woodworking magazine article or if you have a copy of the ShopNotes article that you can share. My address is [email protected]

Thanks... sorry for the hassle. (Chris, I'm looking at you. :) )
Greetings Dustin,

Welcome to The Router Forums!

Thank you for sharing the results of your research with me, thickness planing is among the many things I would like to learn how to do better with my router.
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