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I have never seen a case for the top of the wedding cake, it sound like an interesting idea. Have you seen one or did you think this idea up? I have a wedding in the family this coming summer and I might be interested in building something.... I have more time then money, and it might be a fun project.

Now for a couple of thoughts, from experience, and you know Murphy. What if for some unknown reason the glass were to break. How would you repair it?

I once built a mantel clock, it has a neat top that opens and let you put music box disks in… Anyway, before I got the project completed I managed to drop it! (The good news was it was just dry from the finishing room and the movements were not in place.) The point here is that the glass was not in place either because it was easier to finish without it. I had decided to use a rabbet and strips to secure the glass.

Please keep us posted, maybe some pictures?????

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