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Plastic knobs

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Spotted this on FB recently and thought it was an excellent method for making knobs. Not sure how "cost efficient" it might be when the cost of the epoxy is factored in, but it does give another source for knobs.

Making Plastic Knobs
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Kinda neat . Would be interesting finding different style molds . I'm surprised at how well he got the screws centred.

I couldn't hear very well on my iPad , but what was he using as a mold? I thought it was for chocolates or some other candy
Chocolatier mold. Neat, but I'd probably misplace the mold after the first batch if I tried it. Anyway, if I do need a knob, I'd likely only need just one, so might as well just buy, or make one. I'd most likely make one, in my shop, for my stuff, I don't particularly care if it looks museum quality or not, and I'm sure not going to sell anything with knobs on it. So, all considered, I'll just make any knobs I need.
That is different but I make just about all my knobs with the scroll saw.
Might make good knobs for restoring old radios too. Especially if you could suspend the screw (shaft) so it doesn't show in the face.
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