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Plastic Sub-base for Craftsman Router 315.17380

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I have a Craftsman router, model number 315.17389, that I bought many years ago. I attached it to a router table and misplaced the sub-base. I have since removed it from the table and would like to use it as a free-standing router. I have searched all of the usual replacement parts sites but it says the part is no longer available. Does anyone know where I might get a used one from somewhere? It's a great router!
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welcome to the forum, Rock.
most of us make our own bases out of plexiglass to fit the projects we frequently work on.
how do you use your router when free-handing it ?
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If you would rather buy a base plate there are universal base plates that will likely fit your router. It seems like Powertec fit someones Craftsman recently also there is Milescraft who has one with snap lock bushings. Milescraft.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum @Rockhammer1945
There are many posts in the forum about making your own base. I use 1/4" acrylic. You can make them round or square,
I also have one of those Milescraft bases, and can recommend them.
Welcome to the forum I would also suggest making your own.
Amazon wants C$40 for one! The Milescraft that Marco mentioned is about 25% cheaper with guide bushings. I would make one or hunt around some more for the original. ;-)
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