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If you buy their plug and play, just install Mach4 instead of Mach3 and you are golden. Bypasses the m3 issues, and has the better 3d planner. The UCCNC compatible motion controllers seem to be well regarded, but none of them can match the 4MHz pulse capability of the ESS. I actually bought one of the AXBB-E controllers and a UCCNC license, it is a virtually plug and play replacement for the ESS (but only 400khz, still much faster than any parallel port), so you can change it out in the future.

If we could just convince Gerry to release a Mach4 screenset... But in actuality, Mach4 is much easier to customize yourself, has most of the macros included (except tool touchoff using a both permanent fixed and movable probe, there is a probing screen for normal touch offs)
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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