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You can use the 'fixed' base 890 for a lot of applications. I've got the combo set, the fixed base lives in my router table, and the plunge base works out of the table. If you want to "cheat" and use a fixed base router for a plunger, the technique you need to use is tipping it into the work. Basically, you start the router with one edge of the base against the work and the bit off of the work, and then you bring the bit down into the workpiece until it is in the work. It takes a little practice, so try it on some scrap a few times before you use it on your project. If the project is small enough, you can employ the tipping technique on the router table as well.

If that scares you, you could also drill a clearance hole in your workpiece, start the bit in the clearance area, then proceed. I think if you look at your tasks long enough, you'll see ways to work around most of the need for a plunge router. They're still darn handy to have though.

As always, I'd recommend Patrick Speilman's new router handbook, or Woodworking with the router by American woodworking for someone new to this style of routing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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