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Plunge Router or combo Router???

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I would like to know if you can use a plunge Router on a Router Table?
If the answer is yes, why would it be better to buy a combo router if the Plunger can do both?
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Plunge routers work great in router tables. My first router table set up was a Porter Cable 693 (with the springs out for router table work) It worked great, except it was a bit of work to put the springs back in when I needed to use it out of the table.

My setup now is a multi-base kit, with the fixed base in the table, and the plunge base ready for out of the table work. Changing setups takes about 10 seconds.

The new combo base kits usually have some sort of easy adjuster for in table work, and are a great option.

If you can only afford one type of router, get a plunge router. If you can afford a multibase kit, definitely consider it.

That's my 2 cents,
Hi: I have two plunge routers that I use in the table. Both have the springs removed.
One is a Makita 3600, an the other is a Porter Cable 7539, 3 1/4 HP for the heavy work. I also have a PC 893 to use for routing with out a table. If you can go for the extra bucks get a combo package. It will make life a little easier. Good luck.. .

I would vote for the packaged deal with both bases if you can. I have even purchased extra fix bases to leave on the tables so I can use the router several different places with ease and still have one free to use in addition to the plunge base.

If you have to go with one or the other the plunge is then of course my vote.

I should also add that the package deals will be cheaper in the long run if you ever have to purchase the "other" base by itself later you will be paying maybe $20/30 or more then if you would have done it in the first place.

Thanks for the info Doug & Woodnut65! ...I've been shopping for Routers for a while, most of the people were telling me to check for variable speed and interchangable chucks 1/4" & 1/2". They were also saying to buy combo ,because most of the people were buying the plunger after a few months and they were getting to pay more money buying them seperatly................But none of them were able to tell me why to pay the difference of money from a single plunger , It will be more to save time ,when switching from Router table to off the table!!!
I've been looking at the Hitachi KM12VC combo 2 1/4 HP,the grip is comfortable.

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