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Hi everyone. I am currently looking for a plunge router with variable speed, fine adjustment, soft start and has a 1/4" 1/2" collet capacity. I didn't list manufacturer model numbers as I would be interested in both current and previous years models (1 or 2 years old) (Porter Cable, Bosch, Dewalt, Makita). Please send me a PM if you have one you would like to sell.

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Do yourself a huge favor and get a Bosch 1617EVSPK...
Factory Reconditioned Bosch 1617EVSPK-RT 12 Amp 2.25 HP Combination Plunge and Fixed-Base Router Kit
Saving some money now just may cost you more down the road....

We constantly get new members who come here looking for parts for their Sears routers because Sears, Ereplacementparts and others don't have them... Collets in particular seem to a problem down the road and there seems to be no crossover... Yur stuck in a rut... The fact that Sears has 2nd party handling of their tools makes support and repairs even more uncertain...
I trust you are aware that Sears recently sold it's tool line to the B&D group so nobody knows what's going to happen... If it goes true to form, this isn't good...

You can add PC to list of tools w/ issues... PC was bought out by the group that owns B&D (Black & Decker) and their quality has slipped – I feel, quite a bit as in a lot...
Many of us were PC fans at one time, including me, but since the buy out many stay away from them these days... Hard lessons learned...

DeWalt (B&D group) are good tools, for the Hobbyist, but CS can suck at times and after a few years repair parts tend to be problem too.. All of my and my employees' DeWalt tools have long since gone to the scrap yard for the lack of support/parts...
Do you see a trend here w/ what's offered by the B&D group... Planned obsolescence...

B&D Group current brands and subsidiaries...
Porter Cable
Emhart Teknologies
Oldham Blades
Black and Decker Firestorm
Dust Buster

Overall, Bosch is the only one that scores high on all categories and is as close as a phone call and your mail box...
Bosch Power Tools - North America | | Boschtools

Have a look at CPO outlets for reconditioned... I have never heard a true negative word about them, their service or Bosch... At least 90% of the Bosch tools I have are reconditioned...

Bosch Tools | Bosch Power Tools |

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I agree with what Stick says but I don't own a Bosch router. I will say the next router will be a Bosch. I do love buying from CPO. They have fast shipping and really stand behind what they sell. I have had to send things back twice and they sent me another tool I then boxed the bad one in that box and sent it back. They paid for shipping. If you can top that please let me know.

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I have a couple of Bosch 1617s One is the EVSPK kit, the other was a motor only. Got both from the orange big box store, on sale for $199 new. But from members who use CPO, it is very good. When I looked over routers, at first I considered a router, I did hands on comparison of the Bosch, PC and DeWalt. Figured out that PC was B&D so that was out-bad reputation of B&D. DeWalt was much better in many ways, but I didn't like the rotating depth control. But the Bosch was solid, fine machining, so I got it, then a motor only for the lift in the table. What a fine machine.

I have sincereplaced the Bosch in my table with a more powerful Triton TRA001, which has a built-in lift, but to me, the triton is too heavy for hand held use, so my 1617s still get plenty of hand held use. The Bosch routers have an amazing variety of accessories, the EVSPK came with both 1/4 and 1/2 as well as metric collets. The 1617 has soft start and speed control and the storage case is really nice as well.

The DeWalt has a fair number of fans here, and it is physically a very manageable size with the same power as the 1617, and I don't think you'd go wrong with one, but for my money, it's the Bosch.

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Two 1617 kits for me. No problems encountered.

Raised panels - yep.
Half blind dovetails - yep.
Every day dados for cabinet members - yep.


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