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In my recent [need new router fast] post every one was insistent about the need for a plunge base. I have never owned a plunge router though I have used a few.
I have al ways found them to be awkward and poorly balanced with generally worse depth control than a fixed base. Granted that the last router that bought until now was about 199O, maybe the have improved. But I really fail to see the utility for general routing tasks. I use my routers for edge profiling, slotting, dadoes, template work and mortise and tennons. I can see the utility for sign making but can't think of many other real uses and none that would outweigh the balance, complexity and other issues.
My other question is in regard to large routers and horsepower. I used to have a three horsepower rated Bosch and see that many suggest the large horsepwer routers for tables. I've always used 1 3/4- 2 hp routers in my tables with no problems even with fairly heavy cuts in hardwoods. to the best of my knowledge a 15 or 2O amp circuit at 11O volts CANNOT produce 3+ horse power until the rotor locks up and melts.
And yes there is a difference between hp and torque and even my 1 1/2 hp shaper will out perform any router I've ever used or seen as far as eating wood. but that another whole discussion as they are different tools that have overlapping applications.

Graham O
Who is somewhat long winded
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