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Plunge springs removed from Elu MOF 177e?

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Hey y'all,

Long time lurker/first time poster here :)
I just bought a Swiss-made Elu MOF 177e off eBay to go with my 1980s indestructible lightweight Ryobi. It seems to be in very good shape, looks like it spend its life under a router table and was well looked after.

There seems to be no spring action in the plunge - the rods slide with ease into the base, but don't spring back out. I assume they were removed to facilitate usage in a table. Does that sound plausible? The seller doesn't know about it, he never used the machine himself.

I looked up the MOF177/DW625 spares online and those springs are readily available for cheap. Do you guys know if I need to take the whole router apart from the top, or if there is a way to disassemble the base from the bottom?
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I have a Hitachi M12V2 I use in my table and Hitachi designed this router with table use in mind. They put threaded plugs on the bottom of the plunge tubes to facilitate removing the springs. You don`t need the spring back action in a table and gravity does the job for lowering it.
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