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Plunge Type Router

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What make and model number would you experts recommend, I am looking to purchase a new plunge router. Mike
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Welcome to the forum Mike. You are going to get as many opinions on this as answers. By that I mean there are many good routers out there and the choice is a strictly personal one. For instance I have a Triton 2 1/2 plunge and really like it. If you want some good advice go to the blogs section on this forum and take a look at Mike's blog call "Sawdust Dreams". In there he discuses choosing the right router, etc. There is also a post under "General Routing" ... look for "New Router My Way". You will have to highlight the letters but it is well worth reading.
To get something you will be happy with you need to see what feels right to you so go window shopping and check them out after you do some research on what you might need for what you plan on using the router for. I suggest using the search function at the top of the page and look around. There are many posts here on this very subject.
George, thanks for the info, I will take your advise.....Mike
Mike, I went in and repaired what Ed did when he left so it is easy to read his posts now. There is an excellent post at the end of Ed's thread by Template Tom as well. Pricing on tools changes faster than some people change their underwear so do not be surprised if you can't find the deals mentioned. Please let us know if these articles help you in your decision, and any thoughts or questions they raise.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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