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Just one more link

Just one more link for the bit set.
Part # 5432,5433,7732,7733
1/4" and 1/2" Shanks
$39.00 and $44.95 with free shipping the norm.
With a bearning on the male bit(s)

I have both 1/2" shank sets (60deg. and 90deg.) and the setup is a bit tricky but once you have it set your good to go, I cut the male 1st and then cut it down to size on the table saw.( 3/4" to 7/8" thick the norm.) the bits are 1" high.
I also use two router tables for this bit setup,just incase I screw up one of the parts cutting the 45deg.ends or run short on oak the banding.
"I cut them 3 times and it's still to short" hahahahaha

Have a good one.

keith said:
that was the bit the 60 degree bit set.

I guess the bearing was made for ... I dont know why the bearing is on the ply bit but not the hard wood bit .
I dont think I would have bought this bit if it takes this long to set up.
I am trying to KISS . Keep IT Simped Stupid mind set. I want to have more fun and enjoyment doing wood working than wasting wood. I will try it some more and see if its worth it. Thanks for the help.

Prov.27:17 :D
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