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Plywood Snow Shoes

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A couple of winters ago we had an abnormal amount of snow here in Massachusetts. I needed snow shoes in a hurry to get to the back yard of my wife's mother's house to clear the snow from the flat roof on the back of the house that was leaking from ice dams. Couldn't find any snow shoes in stores so I checked the internet for homemade ideas. The quickest and simplest were made from plywood. I found sites that recommended sizes based on body weight. The trickiest part were the bindings but I found plans for making bindings that you could put on and take off without having to take off my gloves to tie them. They did work but were kind of rudimentary. I volunteered to make a pair for my niece who recently bought a cabin up in snow country. From additional reading I know that my design needs improvement, e.g. holes in front of the toes to allow the foot to pivot, maybe cleats on the bottom for better traction, additional holes in the plywood to decrease the weight. I've seen designs that use pvc pipe, etc. But, I would like to stick with the plywood. There are lots or articles on the subject but they each have their own perspective. I'm hoping that there is info that gives the basics such as best size and shape, best position for the foot, etc. Anybody have any thoughts on this?
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About a 45 min. drive from Santa Fe (in Los Alamos). In fact, I went to concert last night in Santa Fe...Bela Fleck :smile:

I have a flat room on my house, and although it fits the style of the house, it's a maintenance headache :frown:
We've been there....liked the museum. Was the concert at the Lensic? We went to the Santa Fe Opera a few times...really fun.
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Welcome to the forum @MrRuppert
Welcome to the forum @Gorgon
What is more convenient snowshoes or skis?
Welcome. Been some time since I used skis. Not necessarily workable unless you're going some distance. And when you get there, skis restrict movement so getting any work done is a pain. So I think snow shoes are a better choice. If I were making them, I'd probably cut lots of thin strips, and a form. Steam the strips and glue then together tight around the form. Then I'd drill holes and string some kind of material across them. Probably 1/4 to 3/8ths strip of leather. You'd lash your boots down onto that leather stripping.

I think most snow shoes are about 8-9 inches wide, by 16-18 inches long, oval on the leading edge, straight sides and closed off in the back. Been awhile since I saw my last pair.
I used to use skis, but when I realized that snowshoes are much more convenient, I started using them only.
Welcome, glad you decided to join the fun. I agree snowshoes are better for working in snow.
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Welcome to the forum @Keybab
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It is interesting the different topics that attract new members.....
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