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As far as simple lifts go, this will work, sure. However, as others said, there is a flaw in it's precision.

However... know that a 3/8-16 threaded rod will be capable of 1/64" increments per quarter turn, and you can make a very simply lift with a few t-nuts, and some scrap plywood, a 90 degree drill attachment, and a bit of epoxy to hold certain nuts in place.

I wish I could show you what I mean, but I am in the process of moving, and everything I have is currently in storage.

You can also do the same with linear threaded style rods, or regular threaded rods, for making a micro adjuster for your table fence. My main table fence on right side (the "infeed" side) is a 1/4-20 rod for 1/20th of and inch adjustments per turn. The left side I use an 8-32 for more precise fence measurements for things like jointing thin strips.

So while a jack can work, (I tried one a while back) it will make you lose 20 years of your life from frustration in dealing with it. :)
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