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Hi Rev A,
you can chuck the opposite end of the threaded rod in a cordless drill, and use that for rapid gross movements up or down, then use the large star knob for fine adjustments. You might have to turn the jack side on, so you can access both ends of the threaded rod from the same side of the table.
Interesting that, unlike most car jacks, your threaded rod has opposite turns of thread from the central unthreaded part, like the screws on wooden hand-screws.
Thanks for the tip. Interesting observation about the direction of the threads. It is left handed. I had to drill and tap the connection side of the knob for a small screw to stop it from unscrewing when lowering.
No need for using a hand drill for rapid motion. The thread is coarse enough that a few half turns gets as much motion as I’ll need. The Craftsman only has 1 1/2 inch of available travel.
All the hassles with that Craftsman remind me to keep Stashing away money to buy a DeWalt.
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